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Covington Schnauzers
Miniature and Toy Schnauzer Adult Dogs!
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Miniature and Toy Schnauzer puppies..

flashy black and silver miniature schnauzer  flashy black & silver miniature schnauzer
Zack is a stunning flashy phantom male, he weighs around 13 pounds. He is a delight to have around, very well mannered. Zack loves the kids and lots of attention.
Miniature Schnauzer

platinum silver miniature schnauzer  platinum silver miniature schnauzer
He looks white and he always throws super coated puppies!!
Paris his pictures speak for themselves. He is a gorgeous silver platinum male with great conformation. Paris weighs about 13 pounds. His hair is so thick and full and it never tangles. He has a great temperament. He is a ladies man and he knows it. He is so handsome it’s unbelievable. We are looking forward to his offspring.
Miniature Schnauzer

white toy schnauzer  white toy schnauzer
Landry is another of our beautiful white males weighing about 9 pounds.. Landry is very smart he catches on to everything.. He learned how to let himself out of his cage by watching us lol!! Landry also loves kids and is very playful. I’m sure he will have gorgeous pups very soon!!

black and silver toy schnauzer  black & silver toy schnauzer
really small square body!!
Kross is a gorgeous black and silver toy male with long beautiful hair. He is truly a stud. Kross tips the scale at 8.5 pounds. He is very independent he doesn’t need anyone’s attention because his mind is all on the girls. He has champion bloodlines..

black & silver miniature schauzer
Cholo is a gorgeous black and silver male weighing about 14 pounds..Cholo has great conformation and makes beautiful puppies.. His temperament is awesome and he is very laid back go with the flow.. His coat is thick and beautiful so is his puppies.. Miniature Schnauzer

black & silver toy schnauzer
Zeke is our little black and silver male weighing only about 10 pounds..Zeke has the perfect body for a schnauzer short and square with a beautiful coat.. He is awesome and he thinks he is the main stud around here we love his spunky cute boy attitude lol.

black & silver mini schnauzer
Fabian is a beautiful black and silver male. He weighs about 12 pounds. He is as smart as they come. Fabian has a wonderful temperament; he’ll let you do whatever you want to him. He loves his bath and grooming secessions.
Miniature Schnauzer

salt and pepper mini schnauzer
Dylan is a gorgeous salt and pepper male. He weighs about 15 pounds. Dylan has great champion bloodlines. He has a great temperament. He just goes with the flow he is remarkable. I just love this dog. Dylan is everything you could want in a schnauzer. I’m looking forward to passing down his temperament in his offspring.
Miniature Schnauzer

white toy schnauzer  white toy schnauzer
Chuncey is a beautiful male weighing in around 10 pounds.. Chuncey is a real Casanova he sires some of the prettiest puppies all with thick coats just like him..He loves the ladies and isn’t shy at all..He is very smart and a joy to have around...Chuncey is gorgeous and so are all the pups he produces.

Covington Schnauzers
Miniature and Toy Schnauzer Adult dogs!!