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Covington Schnauzers
Toy and Miniature Schnauzer adult  dogs!
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Miniature and Toy Schnauzer puppies..

White Miniature Schnauzer 
is a gorgeous white female. Chelsie weighs about 12 pounds. Chelsie is a hand full she has lots of energy and loves play time. She follows behind all the other dogs and let them do whatever they want to her, she’s very sweet...

Miniature Schnauzer

black and silver Miniature Schnauzer  black and silver Miniature Schnauzer
Trinity is the sister to Brooke. She is a classy black and silver female. She’s a joy to have around. She weighs about 13 pounds. She follows behind her sisters footsteps. She is very intelligent.
She also has champion blood lines plus a great temperament.
Minature Schnauzer

salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer  salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer
is a small mini schnauzer and weighs about 12 pounds… Sophy is the sister to Carley. Sophy is a salt and pepper color with a nice stocky square build and short legs. Very nice conformation in a small frame and
she loves playing with the puppies.
Miniature Schnauzer

Toy Schnauzer black and silver  black and silver Toy Schnauzer
Rivia is a beautiful black and silver color toy schnauzer weighing in about 7 pounds she is a joy to be around very loving and sweet Rivia always wants to be involved tooting her little nose around..She’s a little mess…
Rivia will have some beautiful Toy Schnauzer puppies..
Toy Schnauzer

toy schnauzer black and silver
Treasure is our lovely Black and silver female toy she tips the scale at about 8 pounds..Treasure is so lively she never wants to stop playing. She doesn’t think she’s a dog. She is very spoiled.
Everyone falls for treasure because she is so tiny and beautiful. 

black and silver toy schnauzer
Jamaica is gorgeous small mini schnauzer she weighs only about 10 pounds..In this picture below she is pregnant and cute as a button…Jamaica is black and silver color and one of my favorites.. I would keep all of her puppies if I could..Jamaica has a stocky build with a very nice square body.. They don’t get any better than Jamaica and she has a coat to die for.

chocolate toy schnauzer  chocolate toy schnauzer
Petra is a beautiful Chocolate female weighing about 9 pounds..Petra loves to be loved and she wants all the attention don’t forget the belly rubs.. She is a super awesome mom to her pups they always look like little pigs lol.

black and silver miniature schnauzer
Rylee is a beautiful black and silver female one of our sweetest girls. Rylee weighs about 13 pounds and has great conformation and temperament. She is always full of energy and ready to play. But don't be fooled she's very classy when she needs to be. We love having her she's such a joy. We always look forward to her offspring.
Miniature Schnauzer

miniature schnauzer black & silver  black & silver miniature schnauzer
Brook is a beautiful black and silver female. She’s quite a lady. She weighs around 13 pounds. Brook has soft thick curly hair. She is so elegant. She prances when she walks. She is very smart and catches on to things very quickly. She loves the kids and she is also very laid back. Brook is just a lap dog and loves her grooming secessions.
Miniature Schnauzer

silver miniature schnauzer  platinum silver mini schnauzer
Dallas our other gorgeous silver platinum female weighing just like her sister Daysia about 12 pounds. Dallas loves for you to rub her ears it bout drives her crazy… She is an absolute delight we love her attitude and she’s such a good mom. Dallas also has one of those Covington coats and square body that we all love.
Miniature Schnauzer

black and silver toy schnauzer  black & silver toy schnauzer
Gidgett is a beautiful flashy phantom female. She weighs around 10 pounds. She is my little mischievous girl she’ll get everybody in trouble if I don’t watch her. She fines the most stuff to get into. I think she has a
human brain she’s very clever. She gets all the laughs around here.

silver miniature schnauzer
Daysia needs a hair cut but can you see how thick her coat is ??
Daysia our gorgeous silver platinum female weighing about 12 pounds.. She is the sister to Dallas they are awesome dogs I couldn’t ask for anything better.. Daysia has a great temperament, she is a great mother. 
Daysia has a beautiful, thick supper coat and square body.
Miniature Schnauzer

salt and pepper miniature schnauzer  salt and pepper miniature schnauzer
Carley is a small mini schnauzer weighing in at about 12 pounds she is the sister to Sophy. Carley is salt and pepper color and has a very thick coat… Carley and her sister have a nice stocky square build and short legs in a small frame..
Carley also has an extremely nice conformation.
Miniature Schnauzer

platinum silver miniature schnauzer  silver platinum miniature schnauzer
Belle is a beautiful silver female weighing about 13 pounds.. Belle has a really nice thick coat and is a total sweetheart to be around she’s always eager to please…we expect some beautiful pups form her she also has a great temperament.
Miniature Schnauzer

black toy schnauzer
Abby is a gorgeous solid black toy female. She tips the scale at 8 pounds. Abby is quiet and laid back. She has a great personality. She’s also very obedient. she looks large in this picture but she is very tiny!!
Toy Schnauzer

Covington Miniature and Toy Schnauzer adult dogs!!